Handmade Christmas Ornaments, Seasonal Décor & Accessories

Handmade Christmas Ornaments, Seasonal Décor & Accessories

Handmade Christmas Ornaments, Seasonal Décor & AccessoriesHandmade Christmas Ornaments, Seasonal Décor & Accessories

Eliot Raffit

The Early Years

Eliot Raffit in formal attire during the early years.

  • Eliot Raffít, third generation artist & designer, is known internationally for his signature Fresh Romance style. Born in Miami, the son of a passionate artist & architect father & a mother who sculpted in marble. His maternal grandfather headed a women’s fashion house & his maternal grandmother painted in oils. His early days were filled with painting, drawing & sculpting, while nights took the family to the opera & ballet. His family felt travel was an important educational instrument & off they flew to the great capitals of the arts: London, Paris, Barcelona, Athens, Cairo & Kyoto. These extending voyages would play a significant role in the development of his emerging style. His father saw his son was gifted beyond his years & at the age of nine sent him to apprentice with an Italian master of classical drawing & painting. His formal education culminated with honors at Cornell University, College of Art & Architecture

New York Atelier

Eliot Raffit in New York City in suit and tie with Rose on lapel.

  • His early years were lined with cultural trips to New York to view the metropolitan museums & theater. One spring Sunday, the young protégé proudly strolled 5th Avenue with his parents in hand for the Easter Parade, as he waved to the onlookers. Pageantry & fashion were deeply intertwined with his love for the arts. His move to New York was an inevitable conclusion, as the center of fashion & culture beckoned him. His Manhattan atelier is now home for his creative endeavors as he designs new visions for patterns & products within the realm of luxury fashion & home decor. His artistic influence can be found in the Modernist canvases of the French painters Leger & Matisse. His fashion inspiration is composed from the couture collections of the French designers Chanel & Dior.    

International Retail Stores

Bergdorf Goodman luxury retail store entrance on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

  • Eliot Raffít’s designs can be found in the finest retail stores in the Americas, Europe & Asia: Bergdorf Goodman & Saks Fifth Avenue on New York’s 5th Avenue; Neiman Marcus in Dallas; Harrods in London & Lane Crawford in Hong Kong.